P51 Limited Edition


The watch is to commemorate the retired P-51 Mustang fighter,  equipped with 82D7 movement which contain a 24-hour timekeeping  function. The 82D7 is usually used on a premium watches. The movement is  specially polished in the horizontal direction and equipped with a  see-through top surface You can clearly view on the traditional  craftsmanship and precision of a mechanical movements, the dial design  incorporates the P-51 Mustang fighter elements, and the second hand is  inspired by the P-51 Mustang propeller that rotates over time.

 Although  the 82D7 has outstanding performance and is made in Japan, we did not  satisfied. On the contrary, we have lowered the inaccuracy from 20 + 40  seconds per day erorr reduced to +15 seconds every day. High quality  movement equipped with sapphire crystal. This is so-call Inevitable  match.

 In order not to praise the classic fighters,  this watch will be available in limited editions, and carry a unique  serial number.